Friday, February 26, 2010


Sometimes we are real close friends
We stay up late and talk at night
Other times we don't get along
There are times we even fight
But I know she's always there
And, I know she'll always care
She's my sister, I love my sister
I've given her a great big hug
when she's feeling sad
But, then again I've said some things
that have really made her mad
But i know she's always there
And, I know she'll always care
She's my sister, I love my sister
I cannot wait to see these girls grow up. I look forward to teaching them how to put on make-up, Proverbs 31, to not call boys. I can't wait for shopping trips, mother/daughter trips, planning weddings, watching them be moms, and all the rest! They are blessed to have each other, and I am blessed to have them. The last picture is one that I will always remember...Little sis looking up to biggest sis! So, cute!
Holland is with me today as I type this...We were talking about her sisters. I loved hearing what she said so I am blogging about it:)
What do you like about having sisters?
"Because I always have someone to play with"
You have an older sister and a little sister, what do you think about that?
"I don't."
Do you love sharing a room with your sister?
"Yes, we have an alarm clock."
Do you like being an older sister?
"Yes because I get more birthday cake."
When you grow up, where will you live?
"When I am 19, I will still live with Hads."
So, obviously Holland is not aware of how blessed she is to have sisters. I really hope they grow up to be best friends!
Thanks for reading!
Leighann's little sister
I love you big sis! I am glad I had/have you to look up to!


Jamie Jo said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT that you are blogging so much! THANK YOU!!!

Brittany said...

Love you, and all of the little preshies you're blogging about (plus the boy too). but i have a news flash for you... they have already learned how to put on make up :) yay, CAN'T WAIT for 2010 beauty shops and spa days... and SPORTS... yes, lots of athletic activities too. hoop it up, hoop it up, etc :) (that's for matt)! Loved the update and the pics. You're the best!!! ~b