Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where did my baby go???





I think Tred has AWESOME hair. He has a head full of dark, curly hair. Well, had a head full of dark, curly. The last few days I have realized his beautiful hair really doesn't look so cute after he wakes up in the morning or from a nap. It gets frizzy with lots of knots. Multiple times a day I brush it and lotion it. He has also rubbed a few bald spots on the back. Realizing it really wasn't so cute in the back, I decided to take action. So, in my irrational thinking I buzzed his head! What in the world did I do? I mean, I love it. But, I did not expect it to be such a difference. He looks so old! It is the first time I have seen him as my little boy instead of as my little baby.

There you have it...the new Tred!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

8 little eyes

"The people of faith wake early because of the
expectation of God's marvelous acts.
Sleep no longer holds them.
They rush to greet the early grace of God."

I read this quote this morning and was inspiried. How many times do I lay in bed pushing snooze, wishing for "5 more minutes"...which usually turns into 20. OR get chapped when I wake up 10 minutes before the alarm goes off and think "what a waste, I could still be sleeping." OR get dreadfully awakened from my slumber by the little pitter pattering feet coming to take over my side of the bed. I am a slave to sleep. I am a tired woman! I cherish my Z's. BUT, this quote today "WOKE" me up---in a good way.

I should put it by my bedside. Remember it. And, LIVE it. So, in response to these 3 sentences spoken by somone I do not even know, I did something I so often forget to do. I took a moment to take in a few of the marvelous acts God has already done in my life. I STOPPED and held each of my kids today, looked into each of their eyes, I studied them, smiled at them and thanked God for the 4 little blessings in my home. I never forget that I am a mom, but I do loose sight of what a high calling we have as moms...Today I looked into 8 eyes and remembered just that.

From now on, I will not let my late nights, early mornings or sleep get in the way of my calling as a mom. I will rush to greet the grace of God and the job He has set before me.

(This does not mean I will have a warm, hearty breakfast ready every morning for the quad squad...I will, however, have a warm, loving heart ready to serve my kids as their mom:)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Can't get enough!

Summer Pics of Tred...

Thank you Britt for taking these!

I'm Back!!!

OK, so my blogging sabbatical is over. Summer was great, but it was not easy for me to blog. Partly because I was busy, but mostly because I do not know how to do this on any computer other than this one at home. (I know I am electronically pathetic!) We had a blast at K-1, and loved introducing Tred to his 2nd home. Life after kamp....

We took H & H to Disney World after kamp. Big H turned 5! And, Little H did not mind tagging along for her sister's birthday at all! Matt and I had a blast seeing the Magic thru their eyes. The timing could not have been more perfect. It was the perfect getaway! But, I must say after visiting Disney, I needed a vacation from the vacation. We were worn out! While we were there Little H said "Mom, can I have my 5 here too?" I couldn't say no...So, Matt and I are already saving for January 2011. HA!

Once we were back, Kanakuk Movie Tour was right around the corner. Last week was our first week out. We went to Texas. It was a week of heavy conversations as we faced all that is going on at Kamp. But, lots of ministry taking place...God is faithful. The highlight of the week for me personally was Tred getting to meet his namesake. Tred meet Tred...

Tred is 8 months old now. And, he is more of a joy than ever. He is quick to give smiles! This little man melts my heart. His big sisters mother him more than I'm sure he'd like. They are as crazy about him as I am. He has already had some Daddy bonding with his first football season. He is often decked out in OU and Arkansas clothes. And, in a few months he will be sporting his KU gear. Matt is glad to have a buddy to camp out in front of the t.v. on gameday!

We heard from BK (Tred's birthmom)this summer. She is doing well. She emailed and asked for a picture of him. I emailed her back and sent her 10! I want more than anything for her to know he is happy, loved, and safe. Some friends of ours (who just adopted form ABBA) told us that BK shared her testimony at an event. I sure wish I could have been there to hear it. And, more importantly I hope Tred someday knows how much his 9 months in her belly changed her life. I am thankful everyday I get to hold him in my arms. And, I will never forget the woman that gave me that gift.