Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Giggle, Giggle, Giggle

I was cooking dinner with my buddy and he was in too good of a mood! I decided to record it...

Pure Joy!

One year ago we were waiting for this little guy, not knowing what in the world we were going to get. I have been doing lots of reflecting the last few weeks as we were preparing for him just 365 days ago. I cannot wait to celebrate his 1st birthday in less than 2 weeks. Now, I cannot imagine life without Tred. What a blessing!

Yep, I think she prefers the glider over her crib...

Here are some pictures I have taken in the middle of the night over the last week.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 20

Holland's Birthday!

I think I should say Holland's BirthWEEK! This kid was spoiled!!! She got to be "helper" at school for her birthday and we celebrated. She took her Belle doll for show-n-tell. Her birthday wish list included... nail polish, lip gloss, and glitter. We sure are thankful for her!

Her birthday party was a few days pics to come!

Happy Birthday Holland!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sleeping Babies

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby? I bet we would all have lower blood pressure if we held a sleeping baby more often.
Tonight I went in and checked on my babies and really wanted to capture what I saw...sisters that love each other so much they love sleeping in the same bed, a sweet snoring baby boy, and a fiesty (almost) 2 year old that was MIA from her crib. Here's some pictures of what I found...

The Bigs...

Little Man

Our #3 is a wild woman! We knew she had figured out how to crawl out of her crib about 2 weeks ago. She will even show you if you ask her. Thankfully, she can't open the door to her room yet. So, she stays in her room all night and during naps until we come in to get her. For the past few weeks Matt and I couldn't figure out where she sleeps because she cannot get back in the crib. Tonight I decided I would risk waking her up to get a sneak peek of her sleeping arrangements...this is what I found. Has she really been sleeping in the chair? How uncomfortable. Crazy kid!

What a handfull she is! I cannot wait to see her in 10 years!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

He is not a baby anymore...

Tred is not a baby anymore. Well, he is MY baby...but he is all boy and getting so big. So, with that, our title of "Bringing home Baby Houston" is going to have to change---once I figure out how to change the layout I will get on that. I did not set this blog up so I am still learning.

Our family is going to be busy over the next few weeks... #2 turns 4, #4 turns 1 and after that #3 turns 2. Three birthdays are a great follow up to Christmas, right?

I have got to get better at this blogging! I read all my friends blogs and am left feeling my life is uneventful, with not much to say. So many of you are well versed and good at taking & downloading pictures (which is another story in itself). I realized I could fill this with Houston tidbits, and funny stories...and so I am! Why not, my mom might be the only one reading this!

For today, a few pics...

The Girls...

So big!

snuggling with her bear

this is dangerous!