Monday, November 16, 2009

Congratulations BK!!!!

This is a little late...but, for those few of you that read this, I would like to share something with you to celebrate and add to your prayer list.

I got an email from BK (birthmom) recently with some updates on her life. I treasure our contact, even though it doesn't happen often. I feel like every detail I get from her just adds to the whole picture I can give Tred someday. She recently celebrated her ONE YEAR Anniversary of being clean and sober. I am so happy and proud of her. And, she is expecting to get custody of her 12 year old son by the end of the month. This is great news because his current circumstances are not good (living with her deceased ex-husbands' brother I believe). Anyway, all that to say, this is a good thing. She told me when we were in the hospital "God gave me Tred to give to you so you can be his mom. But, He gave me two other children for me. I was supposed to raise them and I have to focus on that now." So, pray that the best will unfold for BK and her son. She has a little girl as well. But, probably won't ever seek custody of her daughter (because she is in a good living situation). Although, she wanted to initiate a relationship with her. More good news...she got to go see her this fall as well. And, she will continue to work on that relationship.

I have almost felt guilty at times because through this whole process I am the one that came out on the other side with the blessing of Tred. I get to snuggle, hold, feed, watch him grow & sleep, see his smile, and enjoy him daily. It does my heart good to know she will finally be able to do the same with the son God gave her. Please pray for her with me. Pray she gets custody, that the transition to a new home will be smooth, and that they can catch up on lost time. Most importantly, pray his life will be changed as she shares the love of Christ and the gospel with her son.